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pink maharani was started with the values that we create something where we place people, animals and the planet always first. We do this by not compromising on neither quality nor aesthetics. We strive to make the finest handwoven cashmere, which is both beautiful and impactful. As Gandhi rightly said, “there is no beauty in the finest fabric if it brings about hunger and unhappiness”. read more

making of our finest cashmere

every single pink maharani product goes through a detailed 18-step process completely handmade in the hands of master artisans who have been hand weaving cashmere since the beginning of the 18th century.  Their knowledge and skills have been passed down from generations. We have beautifully illustrated the most important steps and further explain each sub-process in detail. read more

our impact one shawl at a time

The moment a pink maharani shawl adorns your shoulders, you change the life of one teenage girl from the urban slums of Bangalore and a kindergartener by bring light into their lives. With each purchase, a vulnerable girl going through her menstrual cycle is provided with knowledge and support for one entire year and a child living in the remote regions of India without electricity equipped with a solar-charged light bag. read more

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