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Our holiday season edition

Something to brighten up an otherwise overwhelming year *wink*

Our unique golden embroidered Aari and Zari collections are back on popular demand.

These festive pieces of heavy cashmere shawls keep you warm and wrap you up at cosy dinner parties this Holiday season. Click here to see shiny embroidery in classic, timeless colors. 

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For him.png

We have a hard time shopping for the men in our lives.

This bunch is not easy to gift to. We put together a beautiful color palette of small and large size finest Suri Alpaca scarves to keep them stylish and warm.

These scarves are actually uni-sex, so easy to share. Sharing is caring *wink*.

 Embroidery to us is the truest form of crafts(wo)manship. Hand embroidery has been there from the Lascaux caves and the Egyptian dynasty.

If you want a special something that will withstand generations, seasons and time itself, you cannot go wrong with this handpicked collection.


Our simple selection of our finest, yet, timeless Incredible Colors with the bestsellers of our Double Weave Collection make for an ever-green gift selection. Everyone just loves them and you simple cannot go wrong here. 

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