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Incredible colors – collection


The gifts of nature in the hands of (wo)men made with love may take many colors.

Incredible Colors pink maharani


Fabrics woven by hand. The rhythm of the movement is mesmerizing, giving time for reflections and getting in touch with the energy of life itself.

Thread-by-thread made with love. These fabrics are made to keep and cherish.  

Incredible Colors turquoise


Incredible Colors safran


Edgy – tie & dye collection


Tie & Dye pink maharani

Tie & Dye shade of blue

   Finest Embroidery – collection


When something is created with heart and soul, a piece of you will be in what you do. 

Moon blue


Hashidar sapin green

Hashidar burgundy

The craft of textile creation takes time. In today's society, we don't have time nor make time. We rush and waste time. Off to the not to be missed and to do's.


Kani Jamawar black


Butti Hashidar royal blue


Each piece of embroidery contains a life story of dreams and hopes.

Minimal Tie & Dye  ocre 

Suri Baby Alpaca – collection

Orange Muffler

Green Muffler 

Quotes and text from the book Out of fashion - The new fashion by Birgitta de Vos

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