Love & Care

Your beautiful pashmina becomes richer in texture and feel with every use and proper care. Please only hand-wash your shawl in lukewarm water with a little sensitive or baby shampoo. Be sure to please always wash the shawls separately from other fabrics. In case of dark colors, it is normal that some excess color might wash off during a few first washes. No need to worry, this is absolutely normal. After rinsing, remove the excess water by pressing gently or rolling the shawl in a towel and squeezing. Do not twist or wring the shawl. Lay it flat to dry or hang it loosely but not in direct sunlight.

Store your piece in a cool place and protect it from moths.
This is not just a shawl but a piece of Indian heritage, so treasure your pashmina and treat it with love.

100% cashmere products usually pile the first few months, think of it as a cleansing process to remove any excess hair. The piling might happen due to friction between two surfaces, for example rubbing with your coat or bag strap. You can always calm the piling by hand washing the shawl in 2-3 month intervals and gently ironing it with the lowest temperature setting. Since all pink maharani products are woven with long-strand cashmere fibers, the piling normally stops after a first few washes, where the shorter strands are naturally removed.

Please remember your product is one of its kind, completely hand-made thus some irregularities are natural and desired making it your own special individual piece. 


Special instructions for the embroidery 

For our embroidery and mani collections we strictly recommend to dry clean only.


For small spots, you can also spot wash directly. 

It is also sufficient to hang your embroidery or mani piece in fresh air for a while to refresh it.