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Incredible Colors Flower Collection - Ivory

Incredible Colors Flower Collection - Ivory


One touch is enough to fall in love.


  • Dimensions: 70x200cm
  • 100% handwoven
  • 100% fine, sustainable cashmere (from Ladakh)
  • Fully handwoven & hand-embroidered in the period of 12-14 weeks
  • Made with love in Kashmir
  • One shawl = one life changing gift - for details see projects
  • hand-wash in cold water with a mild baby shampoo - for details see love & care


Color: Beige
  • Product Information

    Kashmiri embroidery qualifies as the finest crafts(wo)manship passed on through generations dating back to the late 14th century.
    It was the Persian royalty that brought this embroidery technique called sozni (small needle) to Kashmir.
    Embroidering on cashmere is not only tricky because of the very fine breakable fibers but requires enormous amount of patience with fine hands. Kashmiri women artisans program, take anywhere between 4 to 14 months to finish one single product, depending on the intricacy of the design.
    We can sum up our embroidery collection as authentic pieces of art, that withstand the test of time and trends – an ethereal gift to be passed down generations.

    One of our best-selling collection is our love letter to India, its colors, vibrancies and amazing sights.
 Each color in the incredible collection is carefully selected after months of research into not just the fashion trends but the mood of our society as a whole.
    The products from this collection can be your ideal companion to accompany you throughout the day. The incredibly vibrant and seasonal colors are hand dyed to match every outfit. The completely handwoven fine cashmere scarves are originally in natural colors of beige and cream, which are later dyed in the color of choice.

  • Love & Care

    Your beautiful pashmina becomes richer in texture and feel with every use and proper care. Gentle HANDWASH with cold water and mild shampoo only. Lay flat for drying. No hang dry. Store your stole or shawl in a cool place and protect it from moths.

    This is not just a shawl but a piece of Indian heritage that you want to treasure and treat with ❤️.
    Since all of our products are unique and completely hand-made, some irregularities are natural and also desired making it your own special individual piece.

  • Delivery & Return

    • Free shipping & flexible returns

    • Fast, safe and reliable delivery matters to us.

    • Deliveries are made by major shipping companies or by the local country postal service.

    • Depending on the destination, packages may also be insured by the courier service.

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