Kani Jamawar – Black Rainbow Flowers

Kani Jamawar – Black Rainbow Flowers


The idea of time being linear loses its significance when you wrap one of these beauties called the Kani Jamawar around you, which takes at least one year to complete with two master weavers sitting side by side for eight hours. A Kani Jamawar is definitely not just a shawl but a coming together of heritage, technique and opulence in a single, large and softest piece of fabric you will ever touch. These shawls will adorn you and also your daughters and granddaughters who will carry on your heritage for years to come. A shawl meant for generations, blending time into the instance of memory of the most important moments of your life - one of the most exclusive shawl collections in the world redefining timeless luxury. 

  • Product info

    This is a 100% handmade cashmere product made from the finest of its kind, traditionally also known as pashmina. Each product goes through several hands to become this product. Some product might have so called beauty marks and variations which are very much desired making it unique and one of a kind.

  • Project info

    Sale of every pink maharani product results in a direct impact on two children projects in India. With every purchase, one school-going girl’s menstruation and hygiene is tended to with a year’s free supply of sanitary napkins for regular usage accompanied with regular education workshop that also discuss also reproductive health. Due to the limited awareness and access to such information every one in four girls drop out of school. For more information read projects.

  • Love & care

    Your beautiful pashmina becomes richer in texture and feel with every use and proper care. 
    Please only hand-wash your shawl with a mild shampoo. After rinsing, roll the stole or shawl in a towel to remove excess water by pressing it gently. Do not twist or wring the product. Lay it flat to dry or hang it loosely but not in direct sunlight.

    Store your stole or shawl in a cool place and protect it from moths. This is not just a shawl but a piece of Indian heritage that you want to treasure and treat with ♥

    Since all of our products are unique and completely hand-made, some irregularities are natural and also desired making it your own special individual piece. 

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