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I made your scarf! #Fashionrevolution

On April 24 2013, almost two years before pink maharani was launched, Rana Plaza Factory, Bangladesh collapsed killing 1,138 people and injuring many more. I still choke when I think of that day, remembering pictures of hundreds of Bangladeshi men and women sobbing and looking out-of-place. Sometimes, I wonder if this incident somehow triggered a sense of responsibility and duty in me and my co-founder Thais Grange to launch pink maharani in 2015. We work with the most amazing men and women artisans producing the finest cashmere, NO doubt about it! For me however, its always been about the people, families and our girls. Always finding ways to empower them and dignify their existence by providing them with meaningful work with fair pay and humane working conditions. Ever since the collapse, the fashion revolution community organises campaigns the week of April remembering the victims, honouring the ones who are still pushing ahead and challenging the accountability of big brands on supply chain transparency. You and me have SO much more power than we think - we have the power to bring about change - we can question - we can challenge.

- For starters you can SIGN this petition by the Human Rights Watch asking big brands to #GoTransparent.

- Invite five of your friends, urge them to take action too. We will send you a 20% thank you coupon for future purchases online. Just put in cc so we know did do it. We will send you the coupon code via email

Look at our instagram page to see our strong and beautiful ladies who make your scarf. You can find the design they are currently work on under modern embroidery

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