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Multi Skyline - Ocean Blue

Multi Skyline - Ocean Blue

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One touch is enough to fall in love.

  • 100% handwoven
  • 100% fine, sustainable cashmere (from Ladakh)
  • Fully handwoven in the period of 4-6 months
  • Made with love in Kashmir 
  • One shawl = one life changing gift - for details see projects
  • hand-wash in cold water with a mild baby shampoo - for details see love & care
Color: Blue
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  • Product Information

    This collection is dance of two worlds, the traditional and the contemporary, finely interwoven together with the finest cashmere yarn.
    The traditional world is showcased in the age-old technique of the ikat weaving, where the dyer is the true genius behind the scenes.
    Skyline is a tribute to the modernization of our world with a signal to not forget our roots of tradition and culture.
    In the age of fast rising “skylines” and artificial intelligence it is in our diverse yet unified rituals and cultures we can find common ground for the best our humanity to come forward.

  • Love & Care

    Your beautiful pashmina becomes richer in texture and feel with every use and proper care. Gentle HANDWASH with cold water and mild shampoo only. Lay flat for drying. No hang dry. Store your stole or shawl in a cool place and protect it from moths.

    This is not just a shawl but a piece of Indian heritage that you want to treasure and treat with ❤️.

    Since all of our products are unique and completely hand-made, some irregularities are natural and also desired making it your own special individual piece.

  • Delivery & Return

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    ○ Deliveries are made by major shipping companies or by the local country postal service.

    ○ Depending on the destination, packages may also be insured by the courier service.

    ○ Free shipping & flexible returns

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