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In the age of artificial intelligence man-made at its finest!

We went to Srinagar this February experiencing freezing temperatures (with no proper heating) as part of our routine diligence tour. One of my most memorable moments was spending a few hours watching a kani jamawar (queen of all shawls) being woven from scratch. This made me question our perception of time and the mastery of an art form. What amount of time justifies mastery a technique? Does time matter at all then? Imagine sitting at a loom for eight hours everyday for almost an year to finish a single piece, a master piece indeed! At pink maharani we work with the ustaad's, weavers with the longest experience (>15 years) in kani weaving, at the same time also help young weavers join our team to learn on the job. The young men mostly work on the border shawls where as the ustaad’s intricately weave the all-over kani jamawar. Forget all the fancy mindfulness techniques, this is the best form of meditation I have experienced - fully engaged in the now! I must however add that this is a men-only domain and it is very hard to find women weaving kani's. I did hear about one woman in the region doing kani weaving because her husband was supportive and open to let her learn this skill too. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of her creations.

One of our clients recently said, "its like wrapping yourself with art, a priceless piece of art". You can find such master pieces under our fine paint and embroidery collection. The kani jamawar collection is currently being assessed for quality checks and we will keep you posted when the master pieces finally arrive. In the meantime you can also read about the long process of fine cashmere production under our process and when you feel ready, take a look at our online shop with a diverse collection of stoles, shawls and scarves for every season.

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